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Welcome adventurer.

I hope you have patience and a strong constitution.
First I will tell you a bit of history. You will enter the mansion known as Bellagio. It is an 19th century mansion that was home to the Dellacroix family in the bayous of Louisiana. The family was well known for their great wealth and lavish lifestyle. They were always having parties and events for the local society. Their last party was held on Halloween 1996. The family will have no more great events. After the party was over someone butchered the entire family as well as the staff. The police believe that the original motive was theft. The mother of the family had taken a 200 year old piece of jewelry from their bank that day to wear at the party. The necklace was worth over 2 million dollars. The jewelry was never found. All that was found at the home were the 8 bodies, weapons and a horribly sadistic scene. It is believed that the family knew the perpetrator because all were killed in slightly different manners throughout the entire home and there were no signs of a break in. There were two pieces of evidence that the police could not pin down. There was a large pool of blood in one room. It covered the entire floor in that room. It indicated massive blood loss from someone. The puzzling part was that the blood did not belong to any of the known victims. The police believe that the blood may have come from the murderer but there was no body found. The only other thing found was the earrings that matched the necklace lying in the middle of the room in a small circle that was the only part of the floor without blood on it.
Now we move on to the present. It has been almost five years since the brutal murders. No one else was left in the family. No one has bought the property even though it is very valuable. The reason is simple. The home seems to be haunted. For the last five years people have gone to the house on Halloween. Some have gone looking for the necklace. Some have gone looking for the spirits of the victims. The one constant is that if you enter the house on Halloween you do not ever come out. There are horrible screams and more blood when the police arrive the next day, but no new bodies. No one ever sees or hears anything from the house except on Halloween. This seems to be the focal point for terror.
I am the only person to come out alive. I was interested in the legend and the jewels. I went there last year with three friends. They all disappeared. While we searched the house we found no least I don't think we did. We arrived at the house at 11:30 p.m. We went in the house with flashlights, flares and assorted equipment. As soon as we entered the house everything quit working except for our walkie talkies and the doors to the outside seemed to be bolted from the outside. Since we could not leave, we decided to explore figuring that the family might have wanted us to help solve the mystery. We split up and began searching the house by moonlight alone. As I went from room to room I heard the most horrible moaning. Even though the police removed everything pertinent to the murders I found the murder weapons used in every room that they were used in. They were always hidden in the dark. Appearing only if I was patient and looked slowly through the entire room. As we worked the house separately, my friends all kept in contact through the walkie talkies. At one point Jimmy said he had found the earrings. The next thing we heard were his screams. Being in the dark and separate we could not help since we were not even sure where he was. We never heard from him again. We decided to try and meet in the foyer in the front of the house. On the way Vicky said she had found something shiny on the third floor. She said it looked like jewels. She picked it up and went to take it near a window to get a better look then all we heard was her blood curdling screams. She was gone. I was on the first floor so I got to the foyer rather quickly. Sallie was hysterical. She was on the second floor and running blindly and got lost. I was scared to death but I tried to help calm her figuring it was the only way to get her down to me. As I tried to figure out what room she might be in based on what she was seeing appear she suddenly screamed then was silent. Since I knew the basic layout of the home and where people had been murdered and how. I know the last place she was seemed to be was Susan's room.
We went into the house at about midnight. Jimmy disappeared at 5:00 am. Until that point we had only seen strange things and heard sounds. I think it was about 5:15 when Vicky screamed. When Sallie was panicked and running though the second floor she disappeared at about 6 am. At 6:09 the sun came up and the doors from the foyer to the outside made a large clicking sound. I tried to open the doors. They opened and I went outside and used my cell phone to call the police. They came and found a lot of fresh blood including some in Susan's room where I believed Sallie was last at. I will never forget that night. I believe that if the sun had not come up I would have joined my friends in death.
If you decide to go into the house you will need to know a few facts. The house has three floors. A back door, a ballroom door and a front door are the only ways in or out of the house. There were 8 murders that night. They occurred in the following order......

1.          Rolf the cook was stabbed with a knife in the kitchen on the 1st floor.
2.          Lucy the maid was stabbed with an ice pick in the laundry on the 1st floor.
3.          Billy Dellacroix 12 was stabbed with a knife in bedroom his on the 2nd floor.
4.          Susan Dellacroix 18 was beat with a baseball bat from Billy's room while in her room on the 2nd floor.
5.          Sylvia Dellacroix  38, an aunt, was hung from the porch balcony on the 2nd floor.
6.          William Dellacroix 52, the father was beheaded with an axe in the master bedroom on the 2nd floor.
7.          Louise Dellacroix 38, the mother was found in the whirlpool on the 2nd floor with her wrists slit from a straight razor.
8.          Johnny Dellacroix 17, was killed with a knife in the game room on the 3rd floor.
    The weapon in each murder was found next to the victim with no finger prints on them. The earrings were found in the library on the third floor. These are the facts that I arrived at the house with. The weapons seem to appear in 5 second intervals for only a half of a second. You will see 8 weapons, some earrings and possibly a necklace if you brave every room.
    I will leave you with one other fact. If you brave the Dellacroix house you will probably die. The treasure at stake is a 2 million dollar necklace. The price may very well be your death. Will you proceed..........??

Enter Dellacroix Mansion
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